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Ti págine es li proposition formal de un project por li Wikiversity aparit in Wikimeta. Ples dar vor idés a Talk:Wikiversity.


Li scope de ti project de Wikiversity, quo va resider a, es de crear un institution electronic por studiar quo va esser usat por testar li limites del modelle Wiki tam por developar ressurses de instruction electronic que por li professatu e por li conduction de reserchas e li publication de resultates (in li cadre de un regulament developat per li comunitá).

Li objectives es li sequent:

  • materiale por li instruction electronic. Li developament e li recensment de materiale de test e de instruction adequat por li scopes de Wikibooks tal que clichés e filmes, cursus complet, e plu. Omni ti informationes deve esser presentat de un punctu de visu neutral e coresponder al nivelle de conossenties perfectment actual del resercha scientífic. Wikibooks va esser usat quam project parteneri ta u apt.
  • studie electronic. Un cadre in quel membres del comunitá posse prender cursus in linea e esser taxat por lor successe.
  • resercha electronic. Li resechor del Wikiversity vell executar experimentes o publicar teories scientífic apert a altri reserchores. It mey esser necessi de aquisiter un gradu o ateste a Wikiversity o ne de Wikiversity por ducter resercha in un domene particulari in un particular field, benque documentes vell esser apert por li redaction in limites rasonabil.


Not all of these goals need to necessarily be fulfilled; for example, it may turn out that the e-research goal is unattainable. However, the Wikiversity project, as defined in this proposal, allows the project participants to experiment with policies and guidelines to reach these goals.

See Wikiversity/Thinktank for ideas on the actual implementation of these goals.

Possible software needs

Wikiversity should be possible without changes to our software, MediaWiki. However, the software may need work in the following area:

  • Electronic testing. It could be useful to have the capability to take tests through the wiki.
  • Web of trust. It may be helpful to have some kind of certification model to grade Wikiversity students.
  • Single login. Every new project makes it more difficult to merge the many user accounts from the different Wikimedia projects. It would be desirable to have single login in place before Wikiversity is launched.
  • MediaWiki extensions for various scientific disciplines (see especially WikiTeX, which is currently not installed for security reasons)

Wikiversity so far


Q: Does Wikiversity compete with Wikibooks?

No, the goals of Wikiversity are to develop materials that would be inappropriate on Wikibooks, to index Wikimedia resources, to index existing resources by other institutions, and to actively use these materials for teaching, autonomous learning, and research.